Nice little video demonstrating the distance needed to avoid the door zone (Via Geof at DHBC):

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12 feet is about 3.6 meters from the curb.
Looks about 1.5 meters from the parked car (?)
Listening to the audio on this makes me nod in agreement, I travel Darling St, Balmain, Lilyfield road and have more recently consistently ridden just outside the white bike Lane line, for 1, better surface and 2 the reasons in the video above
There's a long "door-opening lane" between Dee Why and Curl Curl, on the beach road, and I always cycle just to the right of the white line, what with all the beachgoers excitedly opening doors, surfers swinging boards and the like.

I've only ever been hassled about it once which has to be a Sydney record!
Great video. I'm going to be sending that to my non-cycling friends and relos.

I too ride Lilyfield outside the 'bike lane'. I like to think that the council has kindly marked the danger area. If I stay out of it I'll be better off. I try not to take the lane except when passing fat arsed trucks often parked on the west bound route.

But judging by the video I need to be leaving more room. Will have to lobby the council to widen their 'danger zone' markings.
Perhaps this public service advertisement makes it a little more explicit:


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