*Wo in der Welt ist mein Fahrrad?

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One of the wurst places to be?

Trumps next summit?

Judging by the vehicles i would say somewhere in USA, but i have no idea where. 

based on the background terrain and vegetation i'm going to guess somewhere in northwestern USA, possibly associated with either the Cascade Range or Rocky Mountains. I am not going to resort to Google :)

Bavaria, can see mr o' believes in speaking softly but carries a big stick.

Yes, for fending off over-friendly German shepherds, rottweilers and dachshunds ...

We of course have an impeccable source (SMH) to confirm that all "German" Shepherds are not from Germany. I recall a flurry of Letters to The Editor in early May 2006 relating to the most famous German Shepherd Inspector Rex in fact being an Austria Shepherd (also due to his liking of ham rolls) or perhaps a French Shepherd from Alsace, France (Alsatian) due to his "arrogant demeanour"

Michael (Teddy) O'Reilly


Still no folding chair! 

I was in Switzerland and therefore sitting on the bell of a handy alphorn. 

Unless Mr O''s been lying to us, like the bloody media often does, that should say "WIDWWMF: Wo in der Welt war mein Fahrrad?" cos it's a pic from a previous European trip.

On the other hand, many of those cars are grossly oversized as only American cars can be, so it could be that he is in the USA where he said he would be, after all... I don't believe that for one minute.

I'd suggest that trying to fool us with pictures of Europe after implying he was going to be cycling in the USA is worthy of a sentence in prison. And I would suggest just the place is the famous one in Leavenworth, Washington, right in the Cascade Mountains where he implied he was going and which look a lot like those Bavarian mountains in that picture.

So... my guess is Berchtesgaden.

There is a 2016-onwards TC model Mazda CX9 in the photo, which is not sold in Europe. Only sold in USA, New Zealand, and Australia (to the best of my knowledge). 


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