So my lady love has left me solo for a few weeks. Whats any any normal man with a huge libido to do? Party, booze, run all over town and clubs looking for good times and fast women etc?

No, I am planning to ride like crazy and whats less crazy than doing Audax rides in prep for Fitz :P

Anyone doing the Rozelle rides? I believe there's 3 of them, I am planning on doing the 200km (will make it my longest ride hopefully).

I have pretty much got everything together courtesy of all the threads on here.

Some advice I need-

1. Anyway to load the map to a phone incase I get lost (hopefully I am not solo the entire ride:P). I'll take printouts of the cue sheets ofcourse as well.(havent ridden most of this route)

2. Only got the large size saddle bag, was planning to carry the rest on the jersey. Is this a good idea?

3. Only got a reflective vest from bunnings, though I assume most of the ride will be in the light.

Any further advice well appreciated! Anyone else going on the ride here also?



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Funnily enough I was just wondering how long it'd been when I rode through the Vimiera tunnel this morning. And your post has prompted me to send an email asking what the latest ETA on full cycling access being restored. Nice to be able to remind them it's been six years since...

...and I've just got a reply (to the question "what's the latest estimate on when eastbound cycle access will be restored along the full length of the M2?"):

"The east bound cycleway on the M2 will be closed to cyclists east of Pennant Hills Road until approximately March 2015, whilst the maintenance works in Marsfield and the Lane Cove Road on ramp is being constructed.  The eastbound cycleway will be open fully to cyclists once these projects are complete."

I rode past the Lane Cove Rd, M2 on-ramp on last thursday.

The entrance to the ramp has curbs and the bitumen laid down, it looks ready.

My guess is it will be open in a matter of weeks (July - Aug), so they can start collecting $.

They were starting to install the toll collection infrastructure this morning, as I went past. And yes, I was surprised how quickly the asphalt went down given how long they'd been faffing around doing the earthworks - I guess it's not such a big job but visually makes a big difference. Our street was resurfaced recently; it took a full day of which six hours was spent milling the existing surface (and dealing with a low-lying water main that got knicked in the process) but laying and rolling the new surface only took them another two. It's probably like painting - spend the time on the prep, and not only does the painting not take long, it'll last a lot longer.

Back OT, does anyone know what the story will be once the Lane Cove Rd is operational; ISTR that eastbound cyclists will need to access here as they can't deal with us given how the LCR on-ramp and Delhi Rd off-ramp interact. Or something like this.

If the new ramp is open in the coming weeks, then the reason for access being restricted will be the bank stabilisation works at Marsfield. From what I can see riding through Browns Waterhole this doesn't appear to be progressing particularly fast - which could explain why it's another 8 months before we can expect to have access reinstated.

How was the ride?


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