Have you noticed that Wiggle had lowered the minimum spend from $80 to $49?

Maybe it want more traffic in web to get more spend but it`s cheap to get free p&h at $49 min spend better than at $80.

But there`s limited stocks or none that I wanted.

No AUS/NZ helmets. Poor form.  Wiggle, wake up.....

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Whole slabs of things become unavailable to Oz persons, same for ChainReaction and Evans and others. At least Evans displays a message saying their supply agreements with various suppliers prohibit selling stuff to Oz, make you pay the inflated local price. An while some things are available the Oz price is way out of line with a converted uk price, usually by coincidence within a few dollars of the inflated local oz retail price, how about that. Gone are days when wiggle had good stuff for 30-50% of oz prices and better range of options.

havent got wiggle stuff for over a year., not that I need anything else anyway.


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