WILIMB - A final challenge. Well not really a challenge

All right, here's one. And no cheating!

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What is GN?

Code for Ghent?

Despite my atheist convictions, I presume it is a reference to Jehovah.

God's Name.

So, that is probably a clue.

Given the cathedral theme of Noel's previous WITWIMB, perhaps it is in the entrance to the crypt of one. St Paul's in London? The sky looks English and Mr O' was threatening to go to London despite all our sensible advice not to venture into England. Car across road (appears to be a Belgian-built Opel Astra, though not sure if it is CD or CDX model) is parked on left suggesting not "on the continent" any more. There doesn't appear to be a lot more to go on...

Over to other sleuths. Bill P, where are you?

Why would anyone go to England when they could be in Flanders? Seems unlikely. Brickwork looks a tad Flemish.

Having spent extensive time there earlier this year, I can confirm it definitely isn't St Paul's...

Back to the drawing board, Neil - don't worry, only a few hundred more cathedrals in Europe! 

your car knowledge is impressive, how many have you been threatened by?

There is no way someone can answer this without putting thumbscrews on the OP

Agreed, but it's 2am in Yurp, so no further clues will be forthcoming for a while.

GN, Gravesend? hope things aren't that bad.

Can't help but think the building in the background above the car bonnet is significant. It looks like a stadium. I toyed with the idea of it being Lord's, given the God's Name clue, but I can't see any likeness on street view. (That IS NOT cheating.)

My other theory was that WIGN might be an abbreviation for Wigan, where there is also a big stadium, but again street view does not support this and, besides, that is in greater Manchester. Why would Mr O' go there?

So, I am still stumped and, no doubt, Mr O' is gleeful about the amount of time he has made me waste on this. Baaarstard!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who spent too much time looking at stadiums from the UK and Europe today.

Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.


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