Will City Of Sydney finally get its cycleways approved?

Interesting news. Following on from last weeks announcement of some cycleway upgrades City of Sydney Council is now pushing TfNSW to do Castlereagh, Pitt and King, using the observed reduction in car traffic into the city due to the George St closure. 


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Good and necessary.

One thing that has struck me with the George Street chance is how much space is taken up by large concrete blocks, presumably to stop "terrorists" driving into pedestrians. It's easy to conclude that if all motor vehicles apart from trams and service vehicles were excluded and automatically retracting bollards that rip the sump out of any unauthorised vehicle were installed then there would be a lot more space to utilise.

In the end, couriers or anybody on a bike will always be able to ride wherever a taxi can drive on George Street, regardless of what any advisor says.

If they want to ban bikes then then they have to declare the section trams only, which means no taxis or vehicular access to buildings as well.

Depends what they define as the tramway I guess. If it doesn’t take up the whole width of George they can still allow vehicular access at the sides to get to buildings. I don’t see why bikes couldn’t be included, and allowed to traverse a whole block. Going to be an ongoing source of aggro if they don’t, like Pyrmont Bridge used to be.

By George St do you mean George St through Redfern? That is a good route, apart from the ban on going through the public housing park at Phillips St, just about meets Elizabeth St eventually. 

Can also get there via Chalmers and Prince Alfred Park. Might be possible to also go Elizabeth and make a slightly interesting right into Randle to cut out any weird stuff on Chalmers, though it seems cyclists won’t have to dismount near Devonshire now? 

New bike path allowing eastbound cycling, with diagonal crossing at Sussex,  proposed on Liverpool St. 

I wonder how much time cyclists will get to cross, noting it is uphill eastbound. And will motorists all stop? Could be dangerous if some run the lights.



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