Wind & waterproof cycling jacket - what's your colour of choice?

If you had a choice of colour/s, what would be yours?

What other features would you like?

Can you let me know if you are gal or guy when you reply if it is not obvious :) Thanks.

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correct - Flash Grodon.  Denise - It's what I wear...for the same reasons sit ubu sit mentions.  High viz always trumps fashion in my book.

Colour I have = Bright orange. 

Colour I'd like = Black. Yes I know it's not practical which is why I have orange. 

Also think white is an elegant colour but on me would be covered in grease or something before long. Again, impractical. 

I have a Netti one that is (becomming more faded) kind of his vis yellow (more just yellow now), but with dark blue sleeves. Weird, and a pain in winter as I need to wear armbands so people can see me indicating.


When I stop spending money trying to keep my bike on the road I might get a new one.


Only wear it when really cold or raining heavily. otherwise just wear a (also fading) hi vis Netti vest. If is starts raining mid trip I keep my long jacket ready and can put it on at lights and be ready to go.


I already look like an idiot so fashionable clothes wont change that for me ;) but seriously, anything to avoid  SMIDSY.

I have a mountain designs gortex hiking jacket. Mustard yellow. More concerned about keeping warm than dry. Only really wear it in winter.

Not too fussed about colours, except pink or anything girly. Bright colours would seem practical for cycling, but I use the jacket for more than just cycling.

I'm a bloke.

Hi viz. But wait, I would like some pockets in the sides too not just round the back.

OK, so pockets with zips on the side?

Yes zip up pockets in the sides.  When I hop off the bike to buy stuff in shops and stuff it is a real hassle to be reaching round the back all the time esp when everything is wet. It also gets wet inside that back pocket cause of its exposed location.


Definitely. Very much seconded.

Where else can one put a hanky - and noses dribble in cold weather.

I stop wearing rain jacket, the colour is usually black, grey, navy blue or white depends on the colour of the t-shirt for the day, It's a nicer sensation when your skin being hit by raindrops. Also I always carry a cycling cap with me, just in case the weather change, this has become a ritual.

I'm male. I wear hi viz yellow for commuting and weekend road warrior stuff. I use my jackets to keep warm even when not raining as they are very light so easy to carry around. My only concern when doing this type of riding is to be seen and I'm happy to look like a dork if it saves me from injury just 1 time in my life.


On the other hand, I also go on relaxed casual rides with my partner on weekends along shared paths mostly and for those rides I like to look as normal as possible and although I dont have much "normal" cycle clothing, I wouldnt mind a brown / blue type ensemble, a jacket with zip pockets would be nice.


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