Hi everyone,

Always had good advice on touring routes before so thought I would just ask about this plan to cycle from Windsor to Wyong over three days / two nights:

Day 1: Early train to Windsor. Ride to St Albans via River Rd and Wiseman's Ferry. Stay at pub! 80km

Day 2: Continue along the back way to Bucketty then down to Murray's Run Rd / Brush Creek Rd (seems to be a B&B along the way). About 60km but unsealed and hilly.

Day 3: Through Yarramalong to Wyong. 40km half day. Train back to Sydney

Proposed Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/15933985

My only worry really is the quality of the road between St Albans and Bucketty.

I'll be riding a Trek 7.3 and will probably replace the road tyres with light treaded tyres due to all the unsealed bits.

I've toured a bit before with a couple of pannier bags - not camping so can travel pretty light. Like to have shorter days with time to relax rather than punishing 100km+ days!

Thanks in advance.


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33, that is a pretty good number Bill.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the advice. I see what you mean so will use Hibberts Lane.

Good luck with the Audax planning. I like the idea of taking three days - not sure I could handle one massive ride! Maybe I'll join you someday...

I rode Wyong to Wollombi a few years ago, via Cedar Brush Ck (steep at bottom, gravel, dirt, varied surface, washed out bridge at one point at Yarramalong end, but being repaired) and Murrays Run Rd, which was for some strange reason good quality asphalt at the start on the top of the ridge, turning to reasonable gravel down the bottom. A real fast run down. I loved it, but it would be steep going up the hill in reverse direction on Murrays Run. Yarramalong Rd is a nice undulating road. Some of the locals don't like groups of bikes- couple of incidents and a bit of verbal abuse in about ten rides along there)but I wouldn't be put off.

You could shortcut and go directly from Bucketty to Walkers Ridge Rd then down Cedar Brush Ck Rd, but then you'd miss Murrays Run Rd. and it's delightful valley.

I did a run from Wisemans through St Albans to Wollombi.

Beautiful ride. The Wollombi Rd is dirt from St Albans to Bucketty, it was a smooth ride for the most part. There was some washboarding, but that was easily avoidable. The old pub at St Albans is great and the locals are very friendly - they can also let you know the condition of the road if there has been recent rain.

If you get the chance, go to the Wollombi tavern. Nice pub grub and the local Jungle Juice isnt too bad either ;)

I've been told that if you approach the publican beforehand, you can camp behind the Wollombi Tavern.

This ride may be of interest in bits for you. It covers some of the area that you're considering.


Yep, you can definitely camp behind the Wollombi Tavern. When I was there two years ago, all you needed to do was order a beer, and they would let you with no charge. The toilets out the back are kept open all night and there are fire pits too

Thanks Nathan. Obviously time that I headed out that way again, but avoiding the HV areas ripped up by coal mining.

Hi Jon, I rode that exact same route in 1982 except for the 10 or so K's near Windsor.  I did it in 2 days camping overnight north of St Albans.  In 1982 the road north of St Albans was gravel but I had no difficulty riding it on 27*1 1/4 tyres

About 3 years ago I rode to Windsor via Wisemans, the same portion of the route you mapped, except we went via Wilberforce and finished on the Putty rd into  Windsor (we had already ridden 180k and were tired plus we didn't want to miss the train).   And I found River rd to be as pleasant in the 21st Century as I did in the 20th Century, it still contains 2 small sections of gravel which were easy to ride on 23c tyres

At the other end from Mount McQuiad until we turned off (118 - 126k on your map) we found that road quite busy as inexperienced country riders, nowadays I wouldn't be as concerned.  There isn't really an alternative to that part of the ride, instead of going left you could go right and turn left to go to Wyong but you only save about 2k off that road and end up missing that nice valley, so I suggest you stick with your planned route

Thanks for all the advice. I think on balance I'm going to give it a go, but I am going to take a PLB with me! Got a couple of days in the October school holidays set aside so will let you know how I get on!


It will be a fine ride at a good time of the year as not that cold or humid but really, getting a little lost and following a road to see where it ends is part of the fun of bike touring. Yes I know smart phones with gps have taken all the fun of doing this away but give yourself a bit more time, turn off the tech stuff and give some of those unmarked roads that look like they head in the right direction a bit of a try. You are not riding the Canning Stock Route and the worse thing that could really happen around that part of the world is you maybe a bit late for a cake shop closing times and miss out on that/ those prized pineapple doughnut(s).

Might find yourself kidnapped by aliens and transported from top of Mt Yengo. Strange things happen up in them thar hills. Always wanted to get to Mt Yengo, anyone ever succeeded? (It's the big pimple you can see from surrounding ridges, out in the middle of the National Park).

Agreed! The distances are quite modest so there'll be plenty of time for exploring. I'd always choose a more interesting back roads route than a highway any time. The point is to get away from it all.


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