Hi everyone,

Always had good advice on touring routes before so thought I would just ask about this plan to cycle from Windsor to Wyong over three days / two nights:

Day 1: Early train to Windsor. Ride to St Albans via River Rd and Wiseman's Ferry. Stay at pub! 80km

Day 2: Continue along the back way to Bucketty then down to Murray's Run Rd / Brush Creek Rd (seems to be a B&B along the way). About 60km but unsealed and hilly.

Day 3: Through Yarramalong to Wyong. 40km half day. Train back to Sydney

Proposed Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/15933985

My only worry really is the quality of the road between St Albans and Bucketty.

I'll be riding a Trek 7.3 and will probably replace the road tyres with light treaded tyres due to all the unsealed bits.

I've toured a bit before with a couple of pannier bags - not camping so can travel pretty light. Like to have shorter days with time to relax rather than punishing 100km+ days!

Thanks in advance.


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Looks fine to me. St Albans to Buckety certainly isn't smooth tarmac, but standard 32s should handle it fine.

St Albans > Bucketty = variable gravel. It depends on when it was last graded.

Yarramalong > Wyong = late wife's family came from there, and last time I drove it a few years ago it was narrow, rough bitumen with fast traffic and lots of bends and a few hills. I think that I'd try to pick my time on riding that section. They drink at the Fountain on the Mountain @ Central Mangrove and pubs in Wyong, so avoid likely conflicts with that. I wouldn't ride it, but I'm a bit cautious!

Sort of the reverse of these routes, especially parts of the 300, 400 & 600km ones (the rides are done each June)


And a previous ride report http://www.audax.org.au/public/images/stories/regions/nsw/reports/2...

Dirt north of St Albans last graded by the convicts, about 1836, harder going north of course, bit of a climb on the dirt, but then Brush Creek Road will be easier going down. Many bits with no phone reception so make sure you have everything you need although a few cars a day so not much wait.

Many cyclists Yarramalong > Wyong so the locals at least are used to them. All the roads in the area have cyclists and I have never had problems, other than lack of fitness.

Robflyte is the expert Windsor > Wyong including the lesser know dirt ways so hopefully he will see this and comment.

I would give the general advice, that if going somewhere by yourself (ie away from other people,) and out of phone coverage, then notify the local cop shop and see if you can get an epirb. No idea about the cops around there, but the ones in katoomba are very good about it, and encourage letting them know.

I used to rent a personal locator beacon from this mob for my tours, but the price of PLBs has dropped so much that it was more economical to buy one instead of renting. I bought this PLB and it's a nifty little device that hides away quite unobrusively and, from memory, sends the signal that places you within about 5m of the gps co-ordinates transmitted.

I have one of those PLB's too Dabba, an excellent piece of kit that lives in my Camelbak.  The best part is that they will give you a new one if you need to use it, as long as you put your rescue story up on their website (these make interesting reading BTW).

Thanks for the info. Their website has a review from a cyclist who does trips on his own as well. Great to know about these and will look into picking one up.

thanks Bill.

I have 4 routes proposed for Audax next year. Wyong to Windsor

unsealed 1, https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13608649. Light version.
unsealed 2, https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14279582. Medium version.
unsealed 3, https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14279582. Hard version.
Light: 42% dirt, 2500m.
Medium: 47% dirt, 2750m
Hard: 68% dirt, 2750m.
These are the opposite way around for what was originally requested.
On your route Jonathan, Corricks Lane is quite short but very narrow and drivers are not patient out there. I suggest continuing on Freemans Reach Road and then right onto Hibberts Lane. Then right on Kurmond and left into Creek Ridge Road. I know, only a 1km or so, I just really like Hibberts Lane.
The rest looks like a blast.
Bill, what do you think of an unsealed 400? out one one of the above, back on another.

I think it is madness, I used to think a road 200 was madness and after 33 I lean slightly towards it still being madness and am sure that 300 is but that might change too one day. You will have to ask people like Howard & Tim? At the proposed BG speed min a 400 becomes more like a road 600 so you have to start to think about support?

It's all about self support Bill.

As an aside, I'm all for rewarding a ride organiser for putting in the effort of supporting and organising rides like the Victorian region do.

"I'm all for rewarding a ride organiser for putting in the effort of supporting and organising rides"

I've never been involved with Audax, but I've organised lots of day/weekend rides. My experience is that those who join the ride usually have little or no understanding of what goes on in a ride preparation. If you're thinking of monetary reward, that's something that you'd have to canvass with your mob, but a genuine "thanks" and no bitching about stupid things that are beyond anyone's control or are unforeseeable would be nice. Suggestions for improvement are also good feedback. The final reward for a ride organiser is that no one gets injured as a result of something that the organiser overlooked, but injury from the rider's own stupidity just makes my blood boil!

Bill, you've not got many more 200's to do and you'll have ridden around the world once! Keep pedaling! :-)


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