Hi everyone,

Always had good advice on touring routes before so thought I would just ask about this plan to cycle from Windsor to Wyong over three days / two nights:

Day 1: Early train to Windsor. Ride to St Albans via River Rd and Wiseman's Ferry. Stay at pub! 80km

Day 2: Continue along the back way to Bucketty then down to Murray's Run Rd / Brush Creek Rd (seems to be a B&B along the way). About 60km but unsealed and hilly.

Day 3: Through Yarramalong to Wyong. 40km half day. Train back to Sydney

Proposed Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/15933985

My only worry really is the quality of the road between St Albans and Bucketty.

I'll be riding a Trek 7.3 and will probably replace the road tyres with light treaded tyres due to all the unsealed bits.

I've toured a bit before with a couple of pannier bags - not camping so can travel pretty light. Like to have shorter days with time to relax rather than punishing 100km+ days!

Thanks in advance.


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In that case the only map you will need is....


Are there showers/toilets in the hall? Can you camp in/behind the hall or at the oval?

Where is Downtown?

Neville or Barry might be livelier, but only just, for a night out.

I camped at the Neville showground once. I think that there's a place a bit closer to the pub that might have been a better alternative. The general store there made a great hamburger.

Yes easy to get lost in big towns like that, really they are both pretty poor names for towns and you would think they could go to back to the original Indigenous peoples names.

Kinda like the other transport cost/cat/ duck discussion I don't like the name of these much.... http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/species/Chenonetta-jubata Australian Wood Duck!! I guess the ducks would be pretty disappointed with that name as well. I just see them on the grass eating grass, Okay while they may nest in very old/ dead trees in urban areas they seem keen on quacking away as they try to make nests in clay chimney pots,but  we can do much better in names here and if not should use the ones which have been used for hundreds of years.

Ok, sucked in. A quick search came up with these words for the AWD, Gnaroo, Kiri-kiri, ngalawal, marangarna, and yerinbool.

You'd never get a consensus, I'm favouring "marangarna" as somehow catching what an AWD is like.

"easy to get lost in big towns like that"

:-) We rode in from Oberon and just went straight to the showground and pitched camp before looking around the cityscapes. It was in Sep/Oct and the water had been turned off over winter to prevent the pipes from freezing. One of the locals was supposed to turn come and turn it all on and open the toilets/showers up for us, but he forgot all about it. We couldn't find him, but we managed! One of the joys of touring!

Give the Great North Convict road a try then, from north of Wisemans to rejoin the road up from St Albans just before It comes out on the Wollombi road. Might be too rough tho, washaways and rocky etc.

Edit- Oh, I see Bill has also mentioned that.

We will be expecting lots of great photos to update the ones in the Audax ride report above. There is also bits of the old convict road between Bucketty and Wiseman's Ferry

Good luck.

Thanks to everyone for the advice. Had a great ride so thought I would write a bit of an account in case anyone else is thinking of similar routes.

Day 1: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16057326

Windsor - Sackville - Wiseman's Ferry via River Rd - St Albans 70km

Early ferry from Manly and train from Central had me in Windsor by 9.30am. I chose the day when the Sackville ferry closes in the afternoon for maintenance, so decided to cut the first bit of my ride short and go directly to the ferry via Wilberforce Rd and Sackville Rd. This was a nice easy ride. There is a good shoulder along the Wilberforce Rd to offer protection from traffic. I added a little side trip to Ebenezer Church which was lovely. The climb after the river crossing wasn't too bad the run down to the river was fun. River Rd was a great ride. A little more up and down than I had expected but sealed for the most part. I arrived in Wiseman's Ferry in time for coffee and a cake. The final 20km to St Albans via the Webb Creek ferry and St Albans Rd is beautiful and sealed the whole way. Spent the night at the pub. The accommodation is quite basic and a bit pricey so I might try one of the local B&Bs in future.

River Rd

Macdonald Valley to St Albans

Day 2: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16057461

St Albans - Murrays Run via Bucketty 60km

Lovely ride North on Wollembi Rd past St Albans Common along Mogo Creek. All gravel but good condition. Virtually no traffic as you might expect. The climb begins at about 25km and is quite steep. I'm not ashamed to say I had to walk the last bit! The road on the ridge is in pretty bad condition with lots of corrugations so progress was a bit slower. Had lunch at the Mogo Campground before joining the Great North Rd. This was not as bad as I thought as traffic was quiet and the downhill sections made it a lot of fun. Took the the right turn at Murrays Run Rd for the final 15km of the day. This is was great. It's a lovely valley and the road wasn't too bad. Final steep climb out of the valley to my accommodation, Thistledoo B&B. Highly recommended (https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/9716250). The owner, Lyndie, has built a self contained unit underneath her house with great views, space to relax, and provided a very generous breakfast.

Early morning at St Albans Common

Climbing into the bush on Wollembi Rd

Day 3: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16057606

Murrays Run - Wyong via Cedar Brush and Yarramalong 35km

Just a couple of hours today to get the train back to Sydney in time for lunch. Wonderful run down Brush Creek Rd. Gravel but good condition and downhill all the way after a short climb out of Murrays Run Rd. The road became sealed as I entered Yarramalong Valley and this was another really fun section. Trending downhill and very quiet. After Yarramalong the road got a little busier but has good sightlines and a shoulder in sections so was no trouble and I was in Wyong before I knew it!

Final morning

Thanks again. This was a great 2-3 day ride at a pretty leisurely pace and is highly recommended if you want something accessible by train from Sydney.



A great report, hope it inspires others to do this trip. The BnB at Murrays Run is a good find.


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