The hands are getting a bit chilli now as winter approaches. The fingerless gloves are just not enough.

Any recommendations on what to get?

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commuting? racing? long distance? to the local shops?

commuting primarily. can be up to 1.5 hours each way.

I don't wear gloves on my commute but fingers got a bit cold yesterday at the back of Rooty Hill so I'll be wearing something soon. So far my choice of gloves have been either to warm or next to useless as they allow the wind to go straight to my fingers.

On my Audax rides I have been layering and strip them off as the day progresses, can't be bothered on commutes even so they are 1 hour of riding.

Last year i purchased some of these from Wiggle, and I love them. They fit well, don't pull inside out when you take them off, and do exactly what they are suppose to do - keep my fingers warm in the early morning winter commute (down to 3 degrees last winter). They have a good range to choose from and no, I don't work for Wiggle!!

I have these too. They get my vote. I've used them on everything from commutes up to a 400km brevet.

I have a number of different gloves for different temperature ranges.  Netti's winter catalogue shows the 2 that are probably most useful for me.

I find the Thermaflex liners underneath my short fingered gloves to be ideal for the chilly mornings that warm up as I ride - like today.  They take the edge off and breathe so don't become soggy with sweat.  Probably 10+ degrees is their useful range.

The Pro Winter ones are any other time, but can get sweaty if it gets warmer.

I have a couple of other sets too, ranging from full fingered summer gloves that are OK down to about 10 deg, but the others are serious winter and used for below 10 deg or all day mid-winter rides.

I second the ' liners under normal gloves' idea.
You can drop them when you warm up, and they are great for normal use off the bike too

It's a bit of personal thing, I find thin full fingered gloves work for me down to about 4deg C.  Below that I have a thick pair that I scored at a netti sale a few years ago

General rules based on my personal (n=1) experience:

- In Sydney you don't need the made-for-riding-in-the-arctic gloves, i.e. the most serious winter gloves you can find, it just doesn't get the cold. In other words gloves made for riding in snow are probably overkill

- Key features to look for are:

Windproof - this is the main reason we get cold

Waterproof - whether you ride in the wet or not, if you get caught in the rain in winter, your hands will suffer. Badly.

Long cuffs - make sure the cuff of your glove covers the bottom of your jersey so that it prevents the breeze getting in. Some gloves have Velcro closings to help seal them up.

An interesting concept, Assos have a "winter glove system" which really just means three different sets of gloves for different conditions (including an option for my first point above). ~$80 for three sets of gloves and for anything Assos is pretty good exceptional value (apart from the fact they're sold out - you should be able to find them elsewhere, just maybe not for $80). You probably don't need all three sets, so find the ones that work best for you, then sell the other two on eBay (or here on SydCyc) for $40 each!

The only hi viz product i endorse..

Warm and waterproof.  I got a tailor to make mine fingerless (for using my blackberry at work.)

Not these ones, but I wear hi vis winter gloves too. Otherwise some handsignals in dark streets don't really work. Without the gloves signaling doesn't work (where they have to give way as a result of my signal)... I can understand the SMIDSY there without.

Same. Katmandu gloves on special  (dont pay full price as the place is a bit of a rip off). Mine are quite thin (no gel) but, even so, they usually end up in my pocket after 15 minutes. Good for taking the bite out of the cold until you warm up. I have a more expensive Neti pair that are, in my opinion, too warm for sydney unless its absolutely freezing and raining ...even then ive never managed to ride more than 20 minutes in them.

My advice ... thin is better.


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