MATT HUNTER - Winter Trails | a Silvia Production from iXS Sports Division on Vimeo.


Have people seen this video? Thought it was stunning,

But my question is, can somebody explain to me how those tyres work?

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Awesome. Wish we got snow like that in Sydney.

I think the nails in the tyres are for the uphill climb back to the car??

The nails are more important for the front wheel, cos if you lose grip there you crash. You can buy studded bike tyres specially designed for icy conditions. They apparently make it possible to ride on an ice rink.

I found the video a bit...speeded up? Made it lose all credibility for me.

...and they make a helluva noise on bitumen paths - people can hear you coming and it sounds rather frightening!

I've been living in Switzerland for 2 years and Colin is right. Its all about the ice. Its a very cool video. You can get away with the sort of riding that guy does in the video with good standard MTB tires at "normal speeds", but that guy guns it so yeah he needs it. I saw a demo at Val D'Isere this year of some MTB races coming down the Olympic run under lights and they had the full kit. All the bike shops here in Geneva offer them, but most people switch to the "foot falcon" in the city in winter as the biggest worry is cars skidding into you at lights.

I did a search and can't find much by the way of cycling and "foot falcon" 

Can you elaborate or provide a pictures of what you mean?

Try here.

Must be Euro-speak.

Foot Falcon . . . . 

A pair of high quality "foot falcons"

I guess the Euro version would be "foot ferraris"? Must be for the over 40's only. Sorry . . .    : )

And there I was thinking it was a gammon version of Shank's pony.

(I'll like to take this opportunity to give a special mention to the powers of google and The Lingo )

I understand their purpose and function, but how do you keep the tyres inflated after you've just drilled a bunch of nails in? Super strong sealant?

You drill the tyre, not the tube.

Donut should not be hollowed out in the middle, it's a good chunk missing and a very deceptive illusion for the size of it.  

The holes are already there .... you screw in the spikes which have a flange that insures you don't go too deep. Actually most people use something approximating more to a stud than a spike.

My winter car tyres have the same pre drilled holes. Honestly though most people just use chains if it gets really icy.


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