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Somewhere in Japan looking over to some islands

Lucky you! 

7 km from the City, 7 km from care.

Actually I think it says next water 7 km, so I hope you had a full bottle.

Nice looking bike regardless of where it is

7.0km from Suishou island (Thanks to my friend who can speak Japanese)

返せ北方領土 納沙布岬の碑
Nosappu, Nemuro, Hokkaido 087-0165, Japan

Suishou Island is Russian, but disputed by Japan, first in the long line of Kuril Islands stretching to Kamchatka.

Cape Nosappu  about 25km from Nemuro as far east as you can go in Hokkaido N43 23 27  E 145 49 01 had hoped to see the 4 islands occupied by Russia after WW2 but as you can see very cloudy.


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