For those keen to do a bit of sleuthing on a public holiday.

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Tree looks a bit eucalyptus camaldulensis ish, street lighting would be needed as this is peak wildlife crossing spot and the table drains would indicate near the top of a medium sized hill so....
between Tumbarumbabout and Kyeamba ('bout 3/4 of way on the Kyemaba side)

Never heard of 'em :-)

Yeah, well you and your journo mates have a long history of being bike haters,

so I will just say Trunkey Creek and take the points thank you very much.

It's that time of the year when Mr O' makes his annual pilgrimage to mountainous regions and spends long summer days riding up, up, up...

So my guess is Australia, probably somewhere in the southeast parts...

But it could also be SWWA, SA, or practically bloody anywhere. More clues please.

"More clues please."

You know it and you are there too.

First picture of Mike Baird "on his bike" seen in the wild?

Shouldn't be plastered with corporate sponsorship logos?

Very high fence next to bike suggests an alpaca farm on that side.

alpaca OR deer

Standard fencing in some countries. Well, one I am aware of.

And which country would that be ...?

All right. Clue. It's not a recent pic. It's one "from the vaults".

Street lights and large signs suggest there is an intersection of some kind behind you. Houses or other buildings off to the right. You've got you Fly6 on the back so that could help.

Michael, G'day.

Is your bike beside the Old Hume Highway near Mittagong?



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