For those keen to do a bit of sleuthing on a public holiday.

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As mentioned earlier, it's from my past travels. Which have ranged wide and far ...

So, Laurens Jan van der Post wide as in Venture to the Interior or far like the Lost World of the Kalahari?

Sorry mate, but not even those particular galvanised light poles are famous enough for me to know where they've been put ... and they have been put far and wide too.


Yeah, even my dog had a sniff and couldn't remember them!

OK, so where has Mr O' been, and told us stories about, up with which we have had to put? 

There's been all that swanning around Europe... but I'm going to discount that as unlikely in this case, for gum reason.

Similarly New Zealand, since it doesn't look like anywhere I've seen around Lake Taupo nor any South Island location with hills missing from guide books.

There's too little luggage on the bike for it to be an O'Foray to Qld, and it totes doesn't look like anywhere I've seen in NE Victoria where I've cycled A LOT and so become familiar with many of the roads and light stanchions.

From the "outbackiness", I lean toward SA. I vaguely recall an O'Mention on this site of a prospective cycling junket around Adelaide, which resulted in a mere couple of SMH pars about cycletouring in South Australia. SA is also famous for its Stobie poles, concrete and steel light stanchions totally unlike those illustrated. Grrrr.

So, anyway, grasping a few straws... Fleurieu Peninsula, near Victor Harbor, perhaps? Some part of the Barossa Valley, except at the top of a hill?? Kangaroo Island???

For dog's sake, put us out of my misery!

Still waiting for someone to guess the right continent :-)

Oh, fark. Forgot about that trip to Effrika... Seth Effrika where the eucalypts grow like weeds.

Outback of Capetown, then?

OK, fine.

The meta data on the image has a digitised date of 12th December 2014. So we turn to SydneyCyclists and his posts around the same time. Conveniently Mr O' posted a WITWIMB on the 11th December 2014. The same famous yellow Hillbrick. Neil A picked that one as being in South Africa. 

So I'd say it was 2 hours down the road from this one:

Now this is getting a little scary, just imagine what we could do if Mr O' had left the location services on for his iPhone 4s when he took these photos.

Even after he had meta data this will not help us much as they are more or less every where


It was on Kommetjie Road which is indeed about 90 mins from where the picture on the previous page was taken.

I was hoping all those big Aussie alien weeds by the roadside would throw people off.

Since people are now hacking metadata I'm going to have to try harder ...


Hacking? You give me too much credit! <blush/>


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