For those keen to do a bit of sleuthing on a public holiday.

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They don't have snakes in New Zealad because St Patrick drove them all away, or is that Ireland?

Quite right but worse that that I thought that the latest SydCyc WIWISMB rules and regulations dated 1997, would deem we still do not have a winner

See (see 11 point 5)

11.7. Decision Making Procedure
11.7.1. The Party submitting the quest will take on the role of Supervisor will be responsible for all decisions.
11.7.2. The Supervisor must make the SydCyc community aware of the valid hints and clues via the computer monitor while the competition is underway.
11.7.3. The Supervisor must also watch the scores and performances and immediately suspend any wrongdoing for the rest of the competition. Then, once the competition is completed, the Supervisor must discuss any further recommendation to the Disciplinary Commission regarding sanctioning the members.
11.7.4. If a member is absent, the Supervisor may appoint a suitable follow up question to appease the absent member.
11.7.5. If circumstances arise which would affect the holding of a competition under proper conditions and if the Supervisor does not take efficient action concerning the situation, the competition will cease until it he or she provides a satisfactorily answer to the quest, or simply returns to nominate a members as the winner.

Michael O`Reilly haven`t replied back from last Tuesday. So he cannot post any more WITWIMBs.

He should have to take care when taking pics of his bike when touring.

He slipped down the embankment into the river and was found floating downstream.

If he replies back, then he must be a ghost or someone impersonating as him.

You're a cruel man Snowy.

No-one should be condemned to death solely for sloppy grammar and photography.

Maybe but what about promoting, pushing even, BMS saddles?
Last Tuesday as in three days ago?
I'd post more pic clues but internets are tricky in the third world.
Nasty bitey creatures abound ...
Nasty bitey things have distracted him, or he hasn't been paying attention, too excited by the prospect of salvation via "clean" coal as we all are. Snowy, baa baa and I met a couple of days ago at Trunkey Ck and awarded this to Jim on Mr O's behalf, well done.

And the prize to Jim will be this photo, printed with the finest bubble jet ink on carefully folded, but on somewhat middle of the road quality A4 paper of this new bike rack in a mysterious loco…

With regret, the Trunkey Ck committee had great doubts if the original poster of this quest (Mr Oh) could be bothered dealing with the wasteland of SydCyc members to even bother signing this rare and exclusive prize.

A nasty bitey creature.

And yes, possibly missed by many, posted without fanfare a few days ago, we have a winner:

Permalink Reply by Jim Frech on Wednesday


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