For those keen to do a bit of sleuthing on a public holiday.

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There goes Mr O' now... er, then.

It's bloody unaustralian to post this old pic from the vault on Aussie Day.

He should receive 2,017 lashes from the cutlasses.

All right, since there have been complaints, maybe this one will be easier.

Taken TODAY.

I don't remember any rivers in Oz that would be that colour, nor flowing as quickly given the dehydrated rain that we've been getting in our current 30+ deg temps. Maybe NZ somewhere? The 3 water bottles also raise the question of water availability, or maybe potable water availability!

I notice that you've still resisted the temptation to add a fold up seat to your gear!

He might be in Japan.
ps,hard to see in mobile phone.

Damn that twitter.

You`ve been to NZ south and been on Otago rail trail today.

Camphor Laurels and casuarinas maybe. Guessing Tasmania.

So the hint is Today.
Well, that would mean this is the old bridge which no long exists that was just north of the new bridge in North Richmond which was built in the 1880 and damaged by floods in the 1920s.

Met any water fowl such herons, brolgas or darters on the ride as yet? Or dare I say Cranes (brothers or aldi bikes or..)

It's the bridge into Roxburough. You've just finished the Clutha Gold Trail and tomorrow you will do the Roxburough Gorge Trail (see Noel's WITWIMB).

Those pesky biting insects are sandflies. They are nasty.
Oh, if you are doing the Roxburough Gorge don't forget to book the boat transfer.
Hard to say given the special low res, fuzzy effects filter but looks to be driving on left country again, maybe. He has some mudguards though Dabba so probably couldn't manage the weight of a folding chair as well. baa baa will analyse the soil and Neil will know that bridge for sure


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