For those keen to do a bit of sleuthing on a public holiday.

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I'm tossing up between the old Meadowbank rail bridge and the original Iron Cove Bridge.

Booked in at optometrist tomorrow...

See, I said he knew all about NZ, how's the new glasses?

I suggest we wait till Trusty Tim the hacker calls real or photo shopped image.

Either way I suppose we can expect a "story" in the media all about it, can't wait, be a change from the "don't worry, clean coal will fix it" news currently on offer

There you go

well done Mr O'

I take the contrast between the photos as an oblique reference to "clean" coal and Neil will be interested in your recommendation regarding saddles.

Too shocked by slipping grammar standards at "Executive Style" to take note of saddle recommendations...

with neither the knowledge nor the means to fix it


Got to write to the standard of your audience and smh audience standards are dropping as fast as the paper circulation, the web site addresses this by all articles being less than 140 characters and not burdening the "reader" with neither "logic" OR facts

No "hacking" during billable hours.

Oh, and the photo is real and taken on the day Mr O' stated, with an upgraded iPhone 6 too.

Unless he's gotten really good at forging image meta date.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, with stairs removed

It's not across the Yarra, but the bluestone abutment might be a clue. Somewhere else in Vic?
O well, at least I'm full bottle on Yarra Bridges of Renown. Titbit: The Hawthorne bridge is still going since 1880s.
Best clue was that blue limestoney water, seems to be very NZ. Yarra would have been brown.

He didn`t report back on SC within 24hrs.

So report him missing to police, he might be drowned by falling into river or being bitten by snakes on the trails.

Twitter don`t count as it might be hacked or used by someone portraying as him.


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