That's my Baum parked on the railing. 

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Is it heading away from Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales?


Away or towards?  Hard to tell really. 

Not keen on the way the "crash" barrier seems to show quite a few user induced realignment attempts and the way the road appears to become almost vertical in the background. Presume the riders are typically lawless or it is in some foreign place where they don't ride on the proper side of the cycle path and what's that car doing on the cycle path anyway, nice tree though.

That is on the National Highway 22 in Himachal Pradesh, more or less 35 ks out of Solan on the way to Shimla.

Baa Baa can you be a bit more specific?

Actually, no, not necessary, cos wrong :-)

I assume I'm ineligible for this one as I'm following your travels on Strava?

Very envious though - I didn't get to travel the northern part of the country.

Yes, you are ineligible. Nice way to drop in a clue, though!

I'm sure that broken railing bit is steeper than 10%

There is only one advertised gradient - 10%.  Seemed unrelated to actual conditions as far as I could tell.  

Neil will likely try to tell us that the rocks look like limestone or other dolomite rock family and the trees look like Bristlecone Pines which might place the photo in western US, likely along the Rockies although it is getting a bit cooler there to be out cycling with no equipment and in short sleeves unless you are very close to home.

Pine tree looks  a little Chinese to me? southern china or north vietnam, to pick up on Timothys clue,  road to Sa Pa.

Nice spotting of the pine tree Bob!  There's a few of those around.  Also saw a small, wild strawberry growing just under where I parked the bike. 

But it's not Sa Pa which is a very long, challenging ride from here.  Also steeper than this. 


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