Bike saw the sign and said we had better join the queue, I pointed out there was no queue so bike wanted to start one, we waited a few minutes, no-one else came so we were off. I am sure Dabba at least has been this way

PS nothing in the other direction either

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Central West NSW?

Close enough? 

Central West, well, no, while the ride started in the Murray Region it was wide ranging and the photo is in the (hint) Riverina Region

It's a feeder road to the WestConnex.  When the WestConnex opens it will be gridlock

The fresh resurfacing hides all of the memorable potholes. However, the virtual queues suggests that there may be a river ferry or regularly opening bridge in the distance. Or maybe a busy railway crossing, but I doubt that they exist any more.

Not too far west by the look of the trees, so I am guessing maybe Newell Highway approaching Narrandera.

Most of the Riverina is farms so not much forest left, can’t be many long straight roads that go through a nice lot of trees like this. As for the sign, NFI.

Less than a morning's ride South Eastish of there Bob. Street View would be very helpful in this case, not for the sign itself but by co-incidence the street view camera vehicle went past just as a queue was forming.

As Dabba can attest this is cat country but for more reasons than usual.

Bike knows a lot, too much time spent with Prof Google but can be very cryptic too, its choice of song it was singing at the time would be very informative too.

Cryptic all right. Ref to”cats” got anything to do with the localitynamed “Galore”  SE of Narrandera?

No, but with last night's result the area might be blessed with an unneeded knock down / rebuild.

Near Wagga Wagga?

Yes, within that electorate, in fact the road is shown on

Were you "on the road to Gundagai"?

No dogs involved Dabba, just old cats but I can disclose that bike was singing at the time and some of the words often repeated were "the road to nowhere leads to me" which it seemed to think were relevant but I thought were quite dark


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