Bike saw the sign and said we had better join the queue, I pointed out there was no queue so bike wanted to start one, we waited a few minutes, no-one else came so we were off. I am sure Dabba at least has been this way

PS nothing in the other direction either

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So the obvious solution is in the overlapping sets of AFL teams/venues and heavy metal music (if it could be described as such), I can't believe that roads of this prominence haven't been more frequently travelled by SC wanders

As a long term member of the Anti Football League I might not have the will to persevere, but I am at least getting a glimmer of hope now.

Well, obviously, Ozzy Osbourne has cancelled his tour and won’t be playing at The Rock stadium, which is to be demolished, or is it the Uranquinty Folk Festival or the Murrumbidgee Music Muster, or the Ardlethan Folk Festival, or maybe it was the Stone the Crows festival in Wagga. The Cats aren’t playing locally, so that’s a blind alley. 

Damned close there Bob, so I will pay that to spare the internet a meltdown as thousands of SCers  drive Google into the ground with searches.

If you were pedalling along the Osborne-Yerong Ck Rd or the Pleasant Hills-Osborne Rd then appearing like a mirage at the intersection of those two cycleways would be the Osbourne Recreation Ground, home of the Osborne Football (& Netball) Club (1901-2019) aka The Tigers (Cat Country as per the club banner at the gate in the below streetview link)

Considering that the only other public facilities within tens of kms is the RFS shed this is no ordinary country football ground, grandstands, lighting towers and on match days a traffic queue

Clearly ready for a redevelopment

Amazing. I was searching for football ovals and afl grounds etc but Google didn’t know about this little gem. I did find out that Lockhart Council subsidises the ground to the tune of $12000 a year.

I bet there is a good pork barrelling story behind this oval, or the mayor owns the farm, or maybe it was just a good way to ensure the road gets a regular reseal.

I also looked for any mention of installation of the queuing sign in local news but found nothing. I was sure this would be a very newsworthy story.



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