A rare picture of my bike in the wild for you to deduce location.  If you follow me on Strava you aren't allowed to answer this.  

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So many clues and nothing shows up on Google search / Map.

Line markings are in white so , I'm pretty sure that means it's not the Alpine Way / Charlotte Pass.

I'm guessing VIC somewhere close to the 3 Peaks / 7 Peaks stuff, but since I've never been there it's the blind leading the blind.

Anywhere close?

From the colour of that gravel, I am deducing somewhere in eastern Australia. But I am sure baa baa can narrow it down to the particular quarry where the gravel originated and which trucking company delivered it which will get us closer to WITWIEB...

(Is it in New England?)

I'm thinking New England.  

Somewhere near Guyra maybe?

I don't think we need to invoke exotic far away places for this as the NSW Central West has everything a keen cyclist needs. As we all know the area around Trunkey Creek has quite a few highlights / high places and areas a bit further east but still within the Shire of Greater Trunkey reach 1355m and a little more. Unless Eleri has misunderstood the protocol for bicycle photos the gear selection would indicate a bit of climbing.

The only doubt I have is the terrible state of the table drains adjacent to the road, not in keeping with the normal standards of the Central West / Greater Trunkey but it is possible the road is through a national park or forestry area so perhaps not local authority responsibility.

Agree, the gravel looks poor for task and the pine trees appear to be thriving, not struggling, so more shame to the Syd Cyc site as yet another WITWIMB not broadcasting the highlights of TC country.

Could be around Delegate or the road that goes joins Berridale to the Snowy Mountains Highway? (Middle something road, but normally so foggy you cannot see the signs)

I did go to Berridale recently on L'Etape.  There were an astounding number of bicycles all painted green adorning the sides of the road because this was the sprint point.  Quite a festive atmosphere!  You'll all be delighted to know that I was riding with Mr O' at that point and we (pointlessly) sprinted for the line after a bit of cat and mouse.  He won!  And quite pleased with himself, especially as we had an audience of locals, who had seen Chris Froome go through a bit earlier.   I think they would have preferred me to win just quietly.  

However, this picture wasn't taken on that trip and isn't near Berridale which is, in any case, about 500m lower elevation. 

Unless Eleri has misunderstood the protocol for bicycle photos the gear selection would indicate a bit of climbing.

Umm, there's a protocol for bicycle photos that relates to your gears?  I can say without a shadow of doubt that I didn't misunderstand it given I wasn't aware of it's existence.  :-)  

I put a 32 on the back permanently because I'm too lazy to keep swapping standards to compacts every time I want to ride somewhere that isn't Sydney. 

We drove Bombala > Jindabyne > Adaminaby > Tumut in late October and came across a large mob of cyclists (supposedly with Anna Meares) doing this charity ride on 2 of their ride days. They had photographers using drones to get footage of the ride. I don't know how I managed some of those hills with all of my touring gear on a couple of years ago! Some were tough enough in the car.

While  Rule 26  offers the option of "discretion" the words "accepted practice" do seem more than just a suggestion and our own Neil A and John K are especially strong on this point.    

I have comprehensively failed by ignoring every criterion!

I have to admit that a bike is just a show phoney (pony) without a couple of bottles in the cages, preferably at least half full and the rest should be authentic and just as it actually was at the time of the photo. Some "recovery" ride

My "guess": Shooters Hill NSW (Maybe on Shooters Hill Road)


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