A rare picture of my bike in the wild for you to deduce location.  If you follow me on Strava you aren't allowed to answer this.  

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My spouse / GF who likes a good mystery came up with these over breakfast earlier which seems to confirm your "guess" and within the Greater Tunkey conurbation

maybe Eleri's bike was photoshoped into this?

and the movie


At our advanced age "my GF" seems inappropriate! I prefer the more genteel "my lady".


I was on a recovery ride having the day before tackled a challenging loop from Edith to Jenolan Caves and back via Oberon.  No snow.  But I think the road is quite good because it heads out to a corrections centre which must generate a fair bit of traffic.   I think I saw 6 cars over the 60kms.  

Also, got 3 QOM :-) 

Ah, so close to the calming words of Fish River, Mutton Falls Road, Duckmaloi and thus Trunkey Creek.

Edith Road...fairly decent ride that. Both ways, down and going up from the caves. Logging trucks about, but if they do see you, seem the best heavy load drivers about.

The descent into Jenolan down Edith Road was a bit stressful, but not because of other traffic.  More because it's stupidly steep and torturous.  Would rather ride up it than down it.  Usually enjoy descending but not this one.  

I have to say, all traffic was pretty good.  But then, I usually ride in Sydney.  

What informed your "guess" btw?  

Google "1355m Great Dividing Range" indicates Shooters Hill as being the most likely location. Then Google street view shows a similar looking road but not the sign. That's what I did yesterday but thought I wouldn't give the game away.

Shhh, if you tell people how I find out stuff, I can't pretend I'm smart.

Although I was able to find out that shooters hill is the fourth highest point in the range, google street view appears to have been taken using a broken polaroid camera and I was not able to locate the sign (pictured) at all - hence my guess.

By the sounds of he descent, I might actually enjoy it.


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