Let's see if I'm doing this right.

A longer ride got me to here, before turning round. Lots of green and leafy stuff and a bit of a climb. MTBers were a bit bemused having a "roadie" on their patch

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Figs, palms, lantana; It could be almost rainforesty patch on the East Coast.

I'll guess at somewhere off Lady Wakehurst Drive, RNP ??

Pretty fair guess, but a bit north

TOO FAR North eh.
Somewhere off the back of Mt Kiera Rd?

Right region :)

Good council if they take out cocus, cocos, coci palms, but with JK a national park around the Gong. Brain is slow today...Mt Kembla road?

Caught in the act?
Or maybe Cordeaux Rd

Not sitting upright enough to be me :)

Bulli Pass?

There is a track half way up used by mtn bikers.

We have a winner.

Lower Escarpment Track trail head at Bulli Pass.

Mostly the preserve of MTBs but doable with some walking on a gravel grinder (just), if you don't mind being chuckled at.

Couple of steep climbs/descents that were too much for the bike/me, but some nice flowing gravel to make up for it

Local knowledge - lucky I live in Bulli. I've walked some of that track a few times.

On the road to Brokers Nose.


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