Fairly precise location is required.

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Based on the direction of the bike, I'd say it's a very wide, but very short cycleway, probably around Mungo Brush.

I was thinking Mungo Brush also. 

Too easy.
It was beautiful through Mungo Brush this morning.
The piccy is looking South in that 200m stretch where the rain forest touches the road.

Rode from Tea Gardens to Bombah Pt a couple of times this week.

Beautiful and varied scenery throughout, great ride.

If you've got the bike and tyres to do it, try the gravel from Bombah Point to the Seal Rocks road (allow about an hour for the 20?k's) and then the bitumen to Seal Rocks. Probably need food at SR - has a general store but getting takeaway might be unreliable. SR is just a beautiful place!

Still never gone the whole way up there Dabba.

The last time we tried the road was wet and boggy and cut to pieces - it was too draining and we turned around about 1/2 way :-( 

It's still on my list.

We first did that road heading north with touring gear on our tandem probably 20+ years ago. We took the old mining road closest to Mungo on that trip, and it was terrible. I was talking to someone more recently and he told me that NPWS have let it go and the route that apparently is being maintained to some degree is the one that we took a few years ago heading south and shown below. It was quite rideable, but there was a few k's of loose sand, which made it interesting with my loaded tourer and 32mm tyres. My mate got through without having to walk because his MTB had wide tyres. Heading north, it uses the Old Gibber Road, which starts about 1k from the Bombah Point Ferry. I vaguely recall there being toilets and parking on the northern side of the road where the track came out.

I've probably been abbott 1/2 way up the mining road - really rough and rocky.

And up to the 3rd left turn on the Old Gibber Rd, which does start at the back of a NWPS camping area, with toilets ;-)

I love it. Quiet, scenic and tough if you push it as a two way TT.

My only quibble is the road surface. Imagine if it was rolled smooth and resurfaced in hotmix!

I presumed the road surface would be rough, so I took my Cyclocross, running 32 Schwalbe Marathon plus, and not the roadie, glad i did.

Good choice. 

With pumped hard 23mm tyres it's a tough push push push all the way on that rough chip seal. Bigger softer tyres would be the go. 

I've done it on 2"mtb knobbie tyres - not ideal either ;-)

Regardless of where it is, that is a damn nice looking bike.


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