Yes hello, it has been a while hasn't it? I'll blame that on work, from which I've currently got a 6 week long-service leave break, and am here:

Hint: now I look at it, I think this might have been the flattest piece of road on this ride. And from what I hear, the blue sky should give a fairly strong indication it's "not Sydney".

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Difficult to tell with any pic that originates from standing in and not displaying the table drain(s).
A few landscape sheep would also help us in helping you to find where you left your bike.

You lucky, lucky bastard...


As in lucky to make it the whole way around? The thing about this ride is if you're not going down, you're going up:

Or lucky in that after 19.8 years with the same mob I've got six weeks off which goes some way towards all the unpaid overtime I've given them in that time? But yep, feeling pretty lucky to be here, as I never expected to.

Passo Pordoi. One of the 4 major passes of the Sella Ronda.

On second thought -  Passo Gardena. Also one of the 4 major passes of the Sella Ronda!

Correct! The first one for us, having done the Sella Ronda clockwise from Ortesei.

Nice workb

I spent 3 weeks exploring those valleys on skis in the (northern) winter of 2003.

Wonderful place. Completed the Sella Ronda in both directions, which was a bit of a bucket list thing for me. The Dolomites are the most picturesque mountains on earth, and the villages are charming.

I can concur with that - although have only ridden in the one direction. It wasn't until I left the auto strada (I drove up from Lake Garda to meet the cycling club, who purely by coincidence happened to be roughly in the same neighbourhood, by global standards) that it hit me I. Was. In. The. Dolomites. Those mountains you've seen on TV. The villages and rock faces like nowhere else on earth.

This was taken from corner 38 of the Pordoi - and I wasn't quite at the top:

We're now staying in the Dolomites at Canazei, and the Giro passed through here two weeks ago (photo to come in a moment - just realised it's on my wife's phone):

The mountains around Alpe Duez on the Criterium du Dauphine that I saw last night must rank pretty high in the scenic stakes too. Richie Porte looking strong.

Surprised to hear the ABC early morning news reporting the results, even if the news reader pronounced Dauphine all wrong. Dawpheen indeed! and de Ghent is closer to Kent than Jent I think.


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