All right, so it's not my best photographic effort. But just in time, given the lack of WITWIMBs on the front page at the moment. You lot must be gagging for a new one.

All I will say is that this is in NSW. Googlers are banned. Use your nous.

Your time starts... NOW.

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Macksville bridge 

haha ; it's a nice picture! + I had to read up about "old faithful"

I could have added "the park on the north western side of the bridge looking south towards the town and the only bike/pedestrian lane using the western side of the bridge." I'm surprised that you didn't ask for more!

Ridden across there a few times. I didn't find the town to be too bike friendly.

I have to take a point off you, Dabba, for not identifying said park as Macksville Lions Park. ;-)

Anyway, the town's better now that it's been bypassed.

Also there is a nice cycleway using some of the old highway's now-redundant width south of the town towards a school.

All those billions of taxpayer dollars are well spent duplicating the Pacific Hwy...

Is the Pacific Hwy any better? The last time I was up there I took Upper Warrell Creek Rd to bypass as much of it as possible to the south, and Wimbirri Rd to the north to avoid the dreadful bit along the riverbank to Nambucca Heads.

Can't say, as I didn't ride any significant distance on it.

Gut feeling is that it will be better, of course, due to less traffic as long as there is a shoulder.

Did you try the Bowraville Rd between Bowraville and Bellingen? I rode it years ago and it was a great gravel ride. I read where it's now only open to walkers or bikes because of storm damage about 10 years ago.

Rode it in 2015 with my brother. The road no longer exists. Disappears for about 10km. Had to walk the bike as it was unrideable. And it was raining.

In parts the road has fallen into the valley so there only about 1-2 metres of ledge. The only way I knew it was the old road was there was that there were some marker posts still standing.

In at least 2 places large trees had fallen across the track. We had to take the panniers off the bikes. One of us stood on top of the tree and we handed the bikes up and over. In other parts bushes had completely blocked the track and we had to push our way through.

Pity as it was a nice ride when the road was there.

Thanks Tony. The stuff i was reading was from mid 2016 and it was suggesting that RMS was going to do something about it. Then again, they do have a "gunna" department that they only let out occasionally!

A bit of googling shows that the road probably still isn't a viable route

Looks a bit skimpy here. and here, where youd be advised to exit the road, fast.


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