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In the showground of Somewheresville in outback country.

Showground, yes, but not too far west.

Could be any showground so I'll take a wild guess - Kiama

Go west young man!

mikesbytes lives in East Kiama.

I don't think that is the Young showground or even the horse trot track, looks a bit like Gulgong but thinking (but not guessing) Dunedoo.

Getting closer.

Oh dear, too hard? Here's a hint!

It's within a 60k radius of Gulgong.

Guessing from the number plate its in nsw. The water tank makes me think it's out on the western plains, but the green grass and hill in the background says it's not too far west. Maybe 200km from the coast. But exactly where I do not know...

But exactly where I do not know..

Yes with such poor tabledrain imaging it really could be Africa, Europe, Asia anywhere. Oh and silo Tim.

Probs Trunkey Creek, then.

(FFS, how did I beat you to that, baa?)



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