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Again! You were closer with your guess yesterday.

Does that look like a club of some description in the background?

lawn bowling, seems to be where all the water goes


Sometimes best to give other WITWIMB punters a chance before rushing to what Dabba really knows is the correct answer.

Cheats never prosper, unless they're in government!

OK, Dabba has toyed with us enough so I did some serious researching and I reckon this is it !

Cassilis (where?)

Looks like some pretty good facilities.

Give the man a cigar! Yes, it's Cassilis showground with the local bowling club in the background, <1 km off the Golden Highway. Despite its dilapidated appearance, the COALition did some more pork barreling there a few years ago and installed new showers and toilets. When I was there, one of the energy companies had a stakeholders walk-in for the locals about some of the wind turbines that they were going to plant on the hillsides in the area. By chance they were also serving sandwiches and other food as it was late in the day, so we had a good look at what they were proposing and helped them dispose of their food in an environmentally friendly way!

Give the man a cigar!

Don`t give Bill one of this cigar....

His friends wants him in Audax rides in good health.  :-)

I camped there once and it had vicious bindies and I got a puncture.  

So would not recommend?


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