One for the navigators. Taken today.

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Saying a puja for your bicycle wheels?

Right country. Wrong state.

Well, I've been through all the local language alphabets and can't find one that matches definitively the letters on the road sign, so not sure if it is Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Teluga or what. But maybe in Tamil Nadu or Uttar Pradesh state at a Sri Subrahmanyeswara shrine or temple, or Karnataka, or ....

best I could match was the bottom sign was maybe "Larissa " in Tamil, so I'll head off there on Google.

Him leaving the Sri Subrahmanyeswara sign there is a tad suspicious plus the top of the temple looks different compared to what's on google images.

There's thousand of Sri Sub shrines in southern India! Ivelooked at a lot on Google, none like that so far. It looks like a minor site, going on the unprepossessing entrance. Anyway Telugu is a good hint. 


In my house it has been suggested that it is a Bollywood film set as it looks too real to be real and clearly staged. Noel and bike must have got a ride on part.

the temple is just background. Look at the road sign.

Rural Bangalore

more than 300km NE

Andhra Pradesh

Now to find someone who can read Telugu...



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