One for the navigators. Taken today.

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go SW between 400 and 600km


No that is much too far SW. Look at the places on the road sign. The road on that sign is heading north.  

I'm part way through a course in Telugu 1.01 and the letters are completely confusing. Not helped by slightly fuzzy photo Noel. Road sign letters seem to be very different to written script.

Best I can do is "Lingala" for the bottom destination. But the only Lingala in India is in the middle of nowhere with no Subra temples anywhere nearby. Need a further clue. 

Interesting fact I learnt in my researches, Telugu has an ancient script that originated with the Phoenician alphabet, via the Persian empire.

Interesting, I thought the second last one was "Pullampet", also in Andhra Pradesh.

We were in South India on the way from Banganapalli to Proddatdur.

After 20 k or so we came through this village of Koilkuntla. The temple was on the left and the road with those villages headed north.

Sorry guys, I did not see the Jan 10 posts.


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