Is this what a vertically integrated bike shop looks like?

Like the fat tyres?

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Central West NSW, I see you have invested in some nice genuine 1 litre bottles, careful of the catsheads. How's it going, noticed a big improvement since 01 March? (just adjusting the chains to my desk)

Central West NSW sort of!

Spoken to a number of cat heads on the trip!

I did expand the water tanker from 900ml to 1 litre thankfully. Most of the time I was carrying 3 litres with occasionally more, or top-ups along the way.

Due to the continued high temps, and the forecasts for them persisting for another few weeks, I pulled the pin on my trip and returned home yesterday. I’d been riding in temps in the high 30’s and 40’s for the last couple of weeks, and it wasn’t what bike touring is all about. The hottest that I looked at my thermometer showed 47 at xxxx a couple of days ago. I had about 10k's to get into the town and a woman pulled up and got out of her car waving a water bottle. I thanked her because I still had 2 litres left, but I used one of those to go the next 10k's!

My spouse would call that very sensible, (implying, correctly, that I lack this attribute). Audax is debating "extreme weather" policies but even the hardest (TFU) heads would pull you off the road before 47, they are not as tough as a Dabba, the extra 125ml in the SiS 1L bottles (1025ml measured) can be very welcome. Pity about the heat but we will have to get used to it over the next century, at least Titanium has a higher melting point than steel. Not a lot of shade in your photos.

Cycling in the country can be so different to city, if I stop to have a break I try to find something a bit off the road else vehicles are continously stopping to see if I am OK.

Yes the days and even nights have been pretty damn warm and not so in the saddle friendly. But still, give me biking in the dry heat temp in the 40s compared to the high humidity plus thermal factor of road and concrete heat of Sydney any day.

But, yes drink lots and if rural type peoples do stop, enjoy the chat and feel good about the gifts of water. Running out of water or worse still bonking out with that 10 ks to go to town is never fun on really hot days.

For my last few trips I've been using this DaBrim, and I find that it makes a huge difference to how much the sun impacts my ride. It provides the shade and airflow that the legionaires caps restrict. While the temps were high on my last trip, I couldn't have done what I did without it. You might think about trying one for your expeditions out west Bill! Well worth it.

Looks like this needs some help.

What'll you do if I tell you to toughen up?

ok,south west then

yes and while it does look somewhat familiar I cannot pin point it, so .....about 7 km south of Wombat on the Wallendbeen road??

Close, but further south. Re-read the cryptic clue.

This is very hard dabba

It's sort of hard, but not harder!

I have no experience in that area but I would like it to be near Nimby Hill on Nimby Road maybe, but perhaps not


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