Is this what a vertically integrated bike shop looks like?

Like the fat tyres?

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Looks like you're the only one interested Bill, so I'll put you out of your misery. The cryptic must have been too cryptic! It was between Cootamundra (what'll = wattle) and Harden (toughen and hard but not harder) on the corner of Old Gundagai Rd and Cullinga Rd to the east of Coota. It looked like it was one of the turnpoints for the local roadies. There were cycling type encouragement things written along the road into Coota.

got the harden hint but still a lot of country

You might like the little sign on the bottom of the post. More appropriate for Noel's trip.

I had started this day's ride from Binalong. The following is some of the blog that I wrote for elsewhere that related to this particular day's ride.

"Tuesday was looking to be hotter than Monday, and involved a few hundred metres extra height gain over the same distance, so I left even earlier in the day. After 30k's I found a nice bakery at Harden, where coffee was applied and additional water taken on. I'd averaged 18kph to there, but the next 20k's really sucked it out of me and I only averaged around 14kph due to the climbing and increasing heat. I found a shady farm driveway to rest for half an hour before heading off again. Temps were getting into the high 30's on the road, and my water supply was becoming a concern. I'd used more than I thought that I would over that distance, so I decided to try to stop more frequently to rest, as well as walk up some of the hills rather than spin the cranks, which seemed to really cause a loss of fluid. I have ridden in high temps before, but this was reminiscent of a very hot ride that I did years ago between Glenbawn Dam > Rouchel > Singleton where I experienced heat stroke and was fortunately driven to Singleton by one of the local farmer's wives who had seen me spewing on the roadside and stopped to see if I was OK. At a rest stop about 10k's out of Cootamundra, I felt the light cooling tailwind change to a much hotter headwind, so it was time to make a dash for air con. Fortunately my concerns about my water supply were not a problem - arriving at a motel in Coota with about 500ml left of the 2.7 litres that I filled up with at Harden. On the quiet 40k's route to Coota, I saw only about half a dozen vehicles. The persistant climbing of 850m dropped my average speed down to 16kph for the 72k's to Coota."

bit cryptic and hard'n for me..but the stubble and rolling hills looked coota-ish

Follow Nimby Rd to the west and it turns into Hillbank Ln and follow that to the west and it joins Cullinga Rd.....about 6 kms from Old Gundagai Rd...

so I am claiming a near miss guess, baa baa was in the right general area too

Ok, I'll pay a "a near miss guess". You "nearly" win a cigar.


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