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Not too hard this one Dabba...your bike is outside a pub about a 360km ride from Sydney.

Years ago I recall plenty of cat head bindi's in this locality...did you get many punctures?

No punctures on the whole trip Tim, but your "360km ride from Sydney" covers a huge area. You need to be a bit more concise! ☺

Eastern part of the village is on the rhs of the pic and the western side is the other end. The CBD is where the bike is parked. 

Its not too hard because the name of the town is the same as the name of the pub, as written on the sign...Ballimore Inn...

And we have a winner! I didn't think anyone would be able to read that. You must have pixellated vision! ☺

It is on the yellow XXXX sign and the two doors to the left of the bike
Interesting. I could not make that out on my PC yesterday but it's fine on the phone.

Your photo makes it look like a much friendlier place than google street view.


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