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Bikepacking won't catch on.

You win Snowy. One day we might be able to have one that you can get because you've actually been there rather than asked Prof Google to find it! :-)

But how did you know he wasn't there Dabba?

That's easy Peter. He only picked up that it was in the National Gallery, but he didn't recognise that as being in Canbraaa, so he wasn't even where the photo was on display, nor where it was taken. The photo is by Axel Poignant who was born in England in 1906 and died in Oz in 1986. This pic is titled "Swagman on the road to Wilcannia" and was taken in 1954 around Wilcannia. For the photography buffs, it was a gelatin silver photograph and was purchased in 1964.

So, as you can see, he just wasn't there!

Not sure actually having been there would help unless you had been there in 1954, it has probably changed since then, god created google so that most of us don't have to know anything or go anywhere , she even created street view so we don't have to rely on people like Dabba to go places for us, it's the modern way Dabba .

How come your version has one of the edge posts in the middle of the road? Is that a very big bell on the back rack, 2017 NSW police might have words with him regarding the installation of that, hope he gets to actually ride otherwise it's a long push

The post is a reflection on the glass covering the pic. The load looks like it would have been easier to push than carry!

Er, I don`t know Prof Google but I do know my old friend Prof Boogie.

He seems to have a cat mask on the rear.  Magpie deterrent? 

My very first thought on where the photo was taken was somewhere north of Wilcannia maybe heading to White Cliffs. Those white gravel roads havnt changed much since I were lad shearing. Actually, I did ride from Broken Hill toWhite Cliffs in 2007 IIRC  on the Corella Dare, the RFD annual bush and station bash which went  in a big loop back to BH via the dog proof fence that year. 


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