Well, mofos? No hints for you.

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Well, I’m guessing coastal NSW. That narrows it down a lot. First stab is the start of the Fernleigh. Near Belmont.

Yes, and no, Bob.
How silly do you think I am? Dabba would instantly pick that like a nose.
Any other wild guesses?

Well  I don't think it's down my way, as the railing/walkway hasn't been set on fire

...or knocked down by someone driving on a pedestrian boardwalk.

Oh, you are also correct, Andrew. It isn't.

If it isn’t north or south it must be in Sydney. A little research into boardwalks in wetlands reveals the answer.

Not necessarily... I didn't say it wasn't either north or south, merely that it wasn't Fernleigh or in Andrew's arson-prone neck-of-the-state.

But what's your theory, Bob?

A friend has taken some marvellous photos of birds there.

I doubt this is in the same league as your friend's photos but, anyway, it's a Royal Spoonbill, taken on my phone.


Yes, Bob sussed it out correctly. Warriewood Wetlands, somewhere on the Australian coast between Narrabeen and Mona Vale NSW.

Looks familiar! Around Tuggerah Lakes?


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