Somewhere in NSW.

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Good place for a Weddin(g) and a trip to find a Shamrock, looks very Greene

You get a haunch of beef as a reward.

rode past there and took the very same pic on my last tour. Have to leave it up to Snowy and his brains trust - Prof Google - to give exact name and lat/long! ;-)

" looks very Greene "

I see what you did there... 



And the "Castle" was built by local big-wig Greene, is a big local wedding venue in the Weddin Shire and associated with the near by (10kms) town of Greenethorpe where the mud brick pub is called the Shamrock

and you can land your plane there, and drive it up to the house, if you are brave enough!

Shows how much money there was in wool 100 yrs ago.

Someone should get cracking and say the name so Tony can tell us about his tour.

If you did the Monastic Fantastic 200 ride (after doing Politics, Religion & Salvation 200 the previous day and overnighting at the metropolis of Gooloogong) you would go right past it, although Google can't be trusted as it has misplaced the associated town name by 10kms.

Fear not Bill pen has already been applied to paper.

Iandra Castle Cowra region Central West of NSW


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