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And this, no dog lovers?

Ps this could be handy for your next tour Dabba

I'm surprised that you don't know Bill. I think you've stayed there!

Eugowra showground! Obviously too hard, unlike NA's where prof google be your guide! :-)

Dabba, I am deeply shamed, while I must have been to Eugowra 25 times in recent years and have spent many a quarter hour in the park opposite the pub including several at 3am (not a lot happening in Eugowra at 3am), I have to admit that I have never been to the Showground nor did I know there was one, alas Eurowra is usually a point during a 200+ ride that is 50kms from the start or 50 from the end so I don't indulge in any ideal sight seeing.
Ps sometime pass through Eugowra twice in a ride

I found it to be a charming village with friendly people, and the showground is a great place for a stopover. 

Actually google is fairly good at finding it:

Google search


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