Here's another one for the googling bike tourists. 

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I get a real buzz trying to work these paces out but I can't get this one. I just asked the missus if she knows. I said "Honey, do you know where this is?".Then she started droning on about a gold mine or summat and reminded me that'd we'd been there and had a terrible picnic. The loaf of bread we took with us had a load of mould on.

These allegorical postings are beyond us simple cyclists, I was out riding so completely missed the start, middle and end of Dabba's interesting WITWIMB 

Yes I loved his subtlety.

Beehive Mine chimney at Maldon,Vic.

On Castlemaine-Maldon trail.

You and Google are so quick Snowy! :-)

A masterpiece of the brickie's art. But the base looks a little dodgy- I'd stand clear!

It's OK Bob, the Lynskey is holding it all up, after all, they do claim that the frame is indestructible, and the DT Swiss wheels are bomb proof.


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