Awaba House, Booragul, NSW (Lake Macquarie)

Sorry about the lack of photo when first posted - the comments widget was broken.

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I thought the back door of the White House, Washington DC but figured cyclists would be welcomed at the front door.

Reminds me of some of the porticos in Canberra, but the columns aren't quite right

It looks very familiar. Could it be Awaba House at Booragul?

Even got a bicycle on their Menu. Hope you got a discount, Tim.

I've seen lots of bikes there as a coffee stop. Food's good too.

I rode past there once on way to Fassifern station I recall now. Remember riding through or around the nearby school and going down Marmong St to The Ridgeway, with a couple of decent hills. 

Was that the old Loop the Lake Route? I notice now the Loop the Lake is confined to the east side.

Hmmmm! The loop you have when you're not having a loop.

Bob, I only rode the first couple of LtL many years ago. I thought that the route was too dangerous using the main road down the western side of the lake with its variable shoulders and crazy drivers. They may have changed the route in subsequent events. Awaba House would have been a bit of a detour.

Yay! Comments are working again.

I thought that Loop the lake had been cancelled, but it 's back on. And next weekend too!


Well done Dabba, knew this was one for you.

Bob, nice find. I was there well after closing time, so way to sample the menu. Although I did scare some anglers.


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