Yes, it's that old staple, "where in the world is my bike"?

Any geologists out there?

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The resolution is not so good but it looks like Hawkesbury sandstone over a conglomerate layer. Just give me a minute while I consult Bill Parker's up-to-the-minute geological map...

Oh, r@ts. If it's not in the Shoalhaven, I give up.

Now get back to work. It's Blog Day, isn't it?

Between a rock and a hard place?

Can't be that hard. He still has a cog to go on the back.

Digging down deeper through the geological history of that place, you come across mother of pearl:

(Could there be a connection between that and the extraordinarily high suicide rate in Sweden? I say, hell NO.)

Looks very much like Blue Mountains/Hawkesbury "choss", but that doesn't really narrow it down.

Well, close, but it's sandstone over granite. 

Also, wrong continent. 

So Dabba is spot on, then? It's too hard.

Sandstone over granite over pavers by the look of it!
Very neat , the bottom layer might be a granite look spraycrete type stuff, usually done over softer weathered shale layers? Such care and attention to detail means it can't be Australia.

Really nice smallest width cycle lane to encourage skin scrapings of left side of the body.....

What a genius of them to tell the riders to get off the farken road????


Difficult to know if the bike is on the LHS or the RHS of the road.
That sort of roadworks and granite looks kinda Venture to the Interiorish


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