All right Neil, I've seen your bridge, now I'll raise you one!  :-)

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You'll have to be Victorian in your thinking and Prof Google is unlikely to show this.

I'm just consulting my Famous Trestle Bridges of Victoria book, but they all look much the same. Obviously a small river or creek involved and pretty dry and dusty looking, with scrubby gum trees, so one of the creeks flowing north into the Murray?  

Well south of the Murray Bob.

Looks like a road under the bridge rather than creek?


this looks like a railway bridge, only about 150old abandoned railway lines to check. amazing network back in 1930.

It's one of them Bob. I'll make it easier for you, it's a spur line.

well that cuts it down a bit, if a spur line is a very short line?

I think that a spur line is generally considered to be one that has a terminus at the end.  In this case,  the spur was probably about 30-35k's.


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