Perhaps easy to get close but can you be exact?

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I have no idea, but that won't stop me today..  The art could be Spanish, as the rear wheel suggests such.  The building could be anywhere, 60's build.  The artist Luca Di Maggio (google) is Italian, born in Milan.  He has exhibited all over the place and likes bicycles to express his art. The rego plate is cleverly hidden, but does give away the Euro flag.  The first letter looks like a T, but could be the country, being an I.  If it's a T  I'm going to say it is Torino, Italy, but could be Taranto, Teramo, Trento, Trapani, Terni, Trieste, or Treviso.  Can't see the second letter, so have to leave to someone else.

The locality is Timișoara Romania - still googling for a more accurate location ;)

The art was done as part of FISART - Festivalul Internațional de Street Art in 2017. Here is a photo of the building prior to the art being done.

This is the Pasmatex SA building, in central Timișoara (Strada Jiul), near the Bega River.

Well spotted Peter. I thought it would be traced trough the car number plate. 


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