Okay, so I may have been kinda busy for the last few months, so.....

(and for those tasty the extra points WTDITWIMB? aka which table drain in the world is my bike)

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Looks Nordic although I would be expecting a bit of the white fluffy stuff, they don't seem to spend much on coastal defences, gun of WWI vintage like the Emden gun guarding the Oxford St approaches to Hyde Park so perhaps Baltic coast of Germany, the signage could be adopted by councils trying to restore sand dunes around Sydney. But as a start I would certainly say it is not Young anyway 

Of course the Danger Mines sign is in English

Suomenlinna fortress?

Would be snowbound at the moment though...

No idea where (as usual) but that's some awesome photos!

Haven't been to the South Atlantic have you?

What about this one?...

And then there is this one...

I'll also not say where it is, because I cheated and used google again.

We talking Falkland Islands?

If so then baa baa is going to have to come up with a pretty damn good story about his bicycle tour / holiday / work trip there, don't think he is into demining, perhaps they are establishing a sheep industry with additional hazards for the livestock

Yes, had to try and find the tourist beats which have plenty of pics floating about the internets or maybe I would be seen as being in some far-flung, remote, the middle of no-where place with a seems as somewhat hostile next door neighbour country.

So to complete that here is the last of yesterdays ride, three standard tourist pics...


Yes Bill not a trip but I am living here for a few years and trying to save the livestock from landmines by increasing the prices for them and what they produce so they are then to valuable to just let wander about cleaning up old bombs.

Always wanted to live and work in the Antarctic, but that environment is not so good for grazing animals so when I was offered a chance to do some good work with them that is geographically close, I just had to do it. Helps as I had one of those rare windows in life that allowed me to even have a good think about it, but have to say it is pretty special if you like all the wildlife and nature stuff.


In terms of biking, the winds make getting out hard going and more or less all the roads are gravel /peatish but as we all know by bike you see, hear, feel and smell the environment more than in a vehicle and I got to the point where I think I knew every local echidna on my rides so well that we started to grow tried of each other. I don’t even know what the type of birds, whales, dolphins and plants that I see are or what they are called so that is quite exciting to me.

I will also be coming and going a bit mainly in and around Sth America so I needed to find a bike that had a frame that worked for me in the rough but as the bike I wanted to bring is just so large in size the boxing it up was not only a full strip down but it still needed a vast box so I opted for a new breakaway frame that comes with a suitcase > and as you can see as I have bombproof wheels I do feel safe riding it around the peat bogs to visit the special very off road spots that only the farmers really know about...


So as the Syd Cyc most southern correspondent expect reports on the state of the gravel roads and absolutely no issues in regard to share bikes, shitty drivers, stairs going up to any sort of bridge, MHL...... Oh the marathon is on today and if biking is tough this has to be on the next level in doing it tough, I will head out by bike to cheer them on and maybe ride with a few who are struggling and talk about echidnas.  

Is that a ww2 German 88mm gun or something more recent? 

Hmm dont really know much about guns and stuff like that but guessing ww2 but could be post ww1. it is up on Ordnance Point Gypsy Cove if that helps.

More a naval gun without the elevation of the 88 but of more significance baa baa seems to have your cast off panniers now that you have gone Ortlieb 


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