Okay, so I may have been kinda busy for the last few months, so.....

(and for those tasty the extra points WTDITWIMB? aka which table drain in the world is my bike)

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I would say that "good story" gets 10/10 and a 100/10 for effort and services to WITWIMB, such a big move in order to get the most out of the way location deserves special recognition.

Makes "bomb proof" tire selection a first order consideration together with some armour plated and very very wide fenders. See you have gone for the traditional rack and pannier rather than bikepacking ones.

It's a pretty big move, hope it goes well and you learn the names of all the new wildlife

And I was going to try Young, Younger, Youngest in June just so I passed through Young a few times, don't think there are any Audax rides in the Falklands

Shame , the hills of Young have your name on them.

More or less, I dug out the old wilderness equipment front and rear panniers and packed the front low rider and standard rear rack. I have a large seat post saddle bag, small fodder stem handle bar bag and a top tube bento type bag so going hybrid now. My frame bag is a bit big for this frame. Would have been keen to wave the flag for Dabba with Summit Gear panniers but they are just function overkill for the moment. May pick them up later??

My long term plan(s) is to take some time out and try and ride montevideo to santiago (or the other way, not sure yet) so guessed that racks may be best for that. I have watched the documentary Across the Andes by Frog several times, so feel quite prepared.

The Michael Palin one? That was funny. Or try rafting it like the mad conquistador  in Wrath of Aguirre. Then there was Fitzcaraldo and his big winch, and not to mention the young Che on his motorbike and the priests in The Mission. And I recall an interesting book about some crazy Brits  recreating a voyage by by the Bolivian Navy down the rivers to Uruguay.

Yes that one Bob, I am finding it difficult to be as prepared as any of those for all things Sth Am, off to Uruguay in a few days but without the bike this time. This mornings ride was freezing at 7 am with 5C but I need to get out early before the winds start blowing. Even with three layers of merino tshirts, leg and arm warmers and two beanies I was chilled to the bone with the just the riding breeze. (Need to break out the full gloves and fleecy roubaix warmers soon)

 I found a spot in the sun to warm out but almost tripped over this so had to share the sunny patch with her...

of course we chatted about that it was not as cold as Blayney and had some time out on freezing rocks having a farting comp fish and squid vs english stodge food but she won. Wildlife, a bit of gravel, no cars is bike riding at its best

I see you have borrowed handlebars from Michael S. (Boxhead) and the table drains aren't up to Central West standard. I was surprised the "average" temperatures don't get all that low ( or in fact vary much?) but I guess the wind makes them seem a good deal lower

May I suggest you will need something like Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres for riding there?


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