Here's one for the Google touring cyclists. Shouldn't take too long to solve. 


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That's a very nice set of new panniers, must have needed to take out a mortgage for those., handlebar bag too? Are we going to get a product review. Much prettier than my dull grey versions

Still haven't invested in a new space age, high tech camp seat

Keep the tires away from those plants

So you are on the road again,

I'm not sure why people rave over Ortlieb, I can only think that they've never had a good set of panniers before, like my old Summit Gear ones which sadly are no longer made. I can see now why expedition tourists look like they have extra bags carrying lots of stuff with Ortlieb. It's taking a bit of getting used to at having to put things into compression sacks to get less in the rear ortliebs than I did in my old ones.

If Summit was still in production, I'd get their rear expedition panniers with the same attachment system as Ortlieb, but I'd buy the front ortliebs. 

Never had a water problem with the Summits.

When I was checking out the ortliebs, I told the bike shop bloke that they were to replace my 25y/o panniers, which really have a lot of life left in them. He said that none of the new panniers will last 25 years. When I told him that was OK because neither will I, he gave me a funny look! 

You presume too much Grasshopper! 

For those mad enough to bike with leaky panniers older than 25 years in the regions verging on the Antarctic Convergence..... double plastic bagging is common.

I went  the matching front and rear Wilderness Equipment but now understand that I should have gone the blue front and black canvas Summits. Now pack anything that really should to stay dry like phones and cameras in the not really canvas revelate seatbag.

Oh and this whole silo art thing is just wonderful.

The silos website is worth a look here.

Of course the reason there are so many unused grain silos is that the  privatisation / corporatisation of the various government grain handling organisations since the 1990s and subsequent rationalisation means there are now fewer but larger active grain facilities and rather than delivering to close "local" silos the farmers / harvesting contractors have to now deliver (via huge b-double monster trucks) to far away facilities. Also many farmers have on farm storage allowing them to keep back their grain during the lower price periods and sell at a hopefully higher price later.

So silos close, local jobs go, rail sidings and lines close, small country towns die, all in the cause of neo liberal free market economic reform, aka progress.

Silo art, though nice, does not replace the old activity.

Ohhh, I finally got on to some Ortliebs (mid last year?) and my gosh, it made all my other panniers redundant straight away

Their attachment system is awesome - I can't believe I fluffed around with the previous panniers.

I dont know about 25 years, but I know the Ortlieb pannier are being used with happiness and joy and that's worth it to me

Buy it once, buy it right.

Patchewollock on the Silo Trail. 

As I said, it wouldn't take long on Google. 

Here are 2 of the others I've seen.

The artist is a genius!

Here's one for the stamp-collecting touring cyclist. 

Australia Post has climbed on the Silo Art bandwagon with an issue due out on 21 May...

(Click on the pic for better resolution.)


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