Doesn't get too much easier than this ....

And introducing my new bike, "Carmencita".

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Noice bike but … where is this, please Mr O'R ?

That looks a bit different to the one that you were interested in a year or two ago.
The water levels look like the storage area isn't impacted by any drought, so it's a coastal lake or bay. Not Lake Macquarie.

I think same bike brand just geometry changed by size epicness ... 

It reminds me on the one on the way to Mudgee but its not as there's a town in the background

Lake Crackenback?

Jindabyne on the far bank?

Well, Lake Jindabyne it is. Now you just gotta narrow it down to my location ...

On Kosciusko Rd a few Ks out of Jindabyne, looking SE. Can sort of make it out on GSV, making allowances for changed water levels and vegetation. Old pine tree on left and mountain ridge in distance help find the spot. I guess it was the Etape Ride?

Spot on, Bob...

Michael, Bob, that spot is known as Curiosity Rocks - after the large roundish boulders laying around in the waters at the end of the little bay there. And probably for the curious dents and marks they have left on various propellers and hulls over the decades! 

And how did Carmencita go? 


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