OK, my WITWIMB was too easy.

I just don't care anymore because you always get them instantly, anyway.

So where in the world is Bill's bike rack?

(And why is the picture displaying so small...?)

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Geez, this is hard....

Express posting the bike back home?

Dont give up! Just watching Lew, 87, doing the Alcatraz Triathlon on the ABC.

Pretty poor show NA, we know you are pretty disappointed at the low Christmas numbers but you have to get over it, any day now Dabba's lierals will see the light and embrace cycling . But until then let me help you out with the "hard" and thought provoking photo we know you really wanted to do. (Clearly my bike isn't in the photo but it is the type of first rate luxury bike infrastructure we deserve, not all that far from your photo, for a PBP veteran)

Too hard for me, Bill.

Is it somewhere cycling has been banned? 

Given the level of rack-usage and the apparent bike-friendliness of that road, I'd guess it is wherever Dunce Gay moved to after he was fired.

Am I close?

Surely that's a red ebike parked there.

North of your not so hard photo, Google says YOU previously could have ridden there in less than a day, if you could be bothered to, still could i bet if you could be bothered

i have to admit it isn't my photo but sent by one of my agents

Pandanus palms so maybe Noosa way. 

And good to see those racks installed correctly, so you can access them from both sides. 

Spot on Bob, your knowledge of regional vegetation is too good, I removed the top part of the photo as you might have identified the location from the cloud formation. Hasting St, Noosa QLD, I haven't been there myself since mid 1980s when my employer sent me on a 3 week management development course, now that was hard, it is said to have changed a bit, my correspondent reported many bicycles.

See Neil, it's not only you, mine was too easy as well, we all have to lift the standard of our WITWIMBs, Tony & Dabba always have some good ones, I will have to get out in western NSW again for material, too hot currently though.

Hey, the photo changed, that's cheating :)

This one would also be too hard


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