WITWIMB and what else could they do with this space?

If you know where it is straight off, let others have a go first. Couldn’t resist the photo, being a Micalef fan.

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Hehe. The bottom of Johnston St Annandale.

Consider my answer suspended pending other guesses :)

Yep, easy if you use The Crescent at all.

i havnt heard anymore about the threatened Chapman Rd closure that was posted about recently, but I’ve been thinking that a bike path could go through this area under the rail bridge. It would connect the SUP along The Crescent that goes past the mural to the footpath south of the bridge, and cyclists could cross The Crescent at the existing refuge a few metres further along to resume southbound travel. 

RMS has recently made quite a bit of the east side of this section of The Crescent No Stopping, and if they would remove the rest as far as Nelson St we’d have a great facility. 

Some photos of the “Kraken” underpass:

1. path could go through here to the crossing at lights on Johnston St

2. Looking NW under the bridge. Cyclists can go past the Kraken to Johnston St lights rather than on the road where shoulder is very narrow

3. Looking S. Cyclists can cross the slip road and use footpath to the refuge crossing on The Crescent, just visible in background.

Further to my grand plan, 

pics of the refuge crossing and boats colonising this bit of The Crescent. RMS could extend the No Stopping they have recently put in further south before Trafalgar St to release the shoulder lane for a bike lane or 2 way path.

Why doesn't the council book the trailer straddling the footpath?

No Stopping now starts at the Bus Stop about 100 m N of the bend opposite Trafalgar St and extends further around the bend, so you have more time to merge back into the traffic. Cars still cut the white line on the bend though, so any bike lane would need protection.

On the other side, back at Nelson St, we still have this idiocy just after the roundabout.  If they took away the parking on the other side of the road, which is non residential, and the businesses have heaps of parking on Chapman Rd at the rear, perhaps there would be space for a bike lane on both sides of The Crescent.

and here’s a link to a video of cars cutting the corner at Trafalgar St bend. https://photos.app.goo.gl/fkAUCAFhwMhXYF7W7

Enough, they all said. OK, the Kraken will desist for a while.

Whats the rule on this one? So long as there's no "no stopping/parking' sign the car is legal - right ?

In a mandatory bike lane?

i guess it not practical to use it in this location (the only out from mandatoryness)

That’s the weird thing, it isn’t a mandatory bike lane as no Bike Lane sign up, but it sure looks like one further back, starting before the roundabout at Nelson (image 1 below). There are bike logos marked in the shoulder before the roundabout and through the roundabout, then if you are hoping for a nice continuation you end up the rear of the parked car as in the reply above.

If you are wise to that you stay out in the traffic lane through the roundabout and stay there, but then you run into this before Trafalgar St, a real Bike Lane sign (image 2 below, sign partially obscured). If you do get over into this bike lane around the bend you have to merge dangerously about 20 m further on when the bike lane ends again at the next lot of parked cars (image 3). The Bike Lane Ends sign is of course obscured by trees until you are right on it.


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