WITWIMB and what else could they do with this space?

If you know where it is straight off, let others have a go first. Couldn’t resist the photo, being a Micalef fan.

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So has the on street parking that Balmain rentals consumed been replaced with boat parking?

I just noticed these recently, but could be a trend, after boats on Lilyfield Rd get banned. Council has approved the ban on LF Rd but signs havnt gone in yet. 

Im hoping they won’t allow parking on this bit of The Crescent once the Balmain Rental site becomes City of Sydney parkland, joining with the adjacent Bicentennial Park. Cyclists could get a clear shoulder lane from Johnston St to Nelson St. 

Interesting point, when they ban the boats from Lillyfield rd, where will they be moved to and your probably right in that some of them will end up at the crescent


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